Precious Blood Church 2022 Month of May Rosary

Date Group Assigned Choir/Coro
5/7/2022 Nocturnal Adoration (English & Spanish), Divine Mercy, Mother of Perpetual Help, United Hearts of Jesus & Mary Legion of Mary (English & Spanish), Santo Nino  Nocturnal Adoration

Eucharistic Ministers/Minstro de Eucaristia (English & Spanish)

Vinadores de Cristo

Religious Education (English & Spanish)

6:30am Choir

Lectors/Lectores (English & Spanish)

Theater Group

10:30am Choir

Ushers/ Ujieres (English & Spanish)

Acolystes (English & Spanish)

5:00pm Choir


We invite everyone to join our rosary prayers. These will be held in the church on Saturday after the 5pm Mass.

Rosary will begin at 6:15pm. For group assigned, please bring flowers for the floral offering.

Invitacion a participar en el rezo del Santo Rosario que tendra lugar en la iglesia los dias sabado a partir del Mes/Dia.

El rezo dara inicio a las 6:15PM (Despues de la misa de 5:00PM)

A los grupos asignados, favor de traer sus ofrendas de flores para que participen en la procesion de entrega de la entrega de las ofrendas a nuestra Virgen Maria.



OUR MISSION:  To make our vision and our dream a reality we shall identify and utilize the various gifts and cultural treasures as we fulfill together our three-fold mission: to form ourselves become true disciples, to celebrate our faith, and to serve the social needs of the people in our community. We shall be sensitive to the dynamic and cosmopolitan character of our environment which invites us to give a fitting Christian response.    





Religious Education

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              Monday-Friday:                         8:30am-5:00pm                  Saturday: 8:00am-5:00pm              Sunday: 6am-1:30pm           

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You can Remit your donations and weekly mass collections online.

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              Monday-Saturday               8:00am (English)

            Saturday/Sabado:                       5:00pm (English)              

                      Sunday:                             6:30am  (Spanish) 
           8:30am (English) 
                     10:30am  (Spanish)                12:30pm (English)   

       Masses are now being held inside the church




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